Thursday, 18 December 2008

This card was made for my dad to give my mum for her birthday, Two A4 pieces of card have been stunk together with half of the top card cut away, a A4 sheet of acetate has then been stuck to the front so half of the underneath card can be seen, the topper if from the little and large decoupage set from create and craft and is decoupaged up, i have added glitter to the rose and used flower peel-offs around the acetate, sliver mirri and been used for matting and layering

This is a card made for my mums birthday, its made using two pieces if A4 card stuck together with the top peice folded back on its self, the paper and stickers are from a create and craft kit as is the topper of the oriental lady which is also decoupaged, gold mirri card had been used for matting and layering and used for the die use lettering

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

First post for a while due to the camara packing up
This is a star card i made for my mum and dad for christmas, its made using red ang dreen stardream card and made inthe usual starcard way lol, the embellishments used are from two kits, the stickers used down the sides are from a kit for create and craft and the toppers used are from a kanban kit from qvc, i have used jusmp rings to suspend the toppers in the apatures

Monday, 20 October 2008

First of all sorry for the flash, the image was so shiny it was unavoidable, Again another card im unsure about, i think it looks to plan, but iv made it do, This card was made for one of my dads friends girlfriend, she's a goth so i hope the images fits. The card is made using black stardream card, the image is from the glitter girls myth and mystery pyramage kit but rather than use the image as pyramage i have managed to get 3 layers of decoupage from the 3 largest images, it doesn't show up much on the photo but it worked quite well. the frame is made using the glaze glitter paper in the kit ( cant believe i used some lol) and iv added some sliver peel offs to give a layered effect, sliver stones have been added to each corner were the peel offs meet.

This is a card iv made for my mum to give my dad on his birthday next week, she seems to like it but im a little unsure, i think it might look abit to plan, anyway, the card is made using two sheets of stardream card, the bottom piece is a full A4 sheet with the second one folded in half and wraped around the bottom sheet, i then punched two holes down the side and threaded some string though and tied in a not, the image is from Joanna Sheens American Frontier cd, mirri card has been used to mat and some gems have been added down the side, the greeting has just been printed off using wild west type font and in the shape of scrolls.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Here is my first two cards from the Joanna sheen Pamala West collection. Just very simple, both useing stardream card for the base and either gold or siver mirri, the first had some purple ribbon down the side with a glitter sticker and on the second the lilies are decoupaged up and a glitter dragonfly sticker has been added

A card made for my auntie and uncles ruby wedding. Its made using the bookatrix board and an image from Joanna Sheen's Dancing with shadows cd, the top page with the image and text are printed onto aceatate and a dick of red mirri card has been put behind the black image, the rest of the pages are made up of red mirri and cream staredream card, iv added some flower peel offs, mirri card has been put behind the peel offs in kepping with the colour. and three peper red roses have been added.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Heres a card for my dads birthday, it a shaped card i have seen and C&C, its two A4 cards put together, then one half of one of the cards is bent over to create a trangle. the decoupage is from the little and large kit and is backed onto glitter card, iv added a sheet of acetate over the glitter card to keep the glitter on the card and not everywhere else lol and held them in place with brads. the letters are chipboard and iv added peel off waste dots to the lettering and the brads to create an rivet look. Sorr about the glare from the camara.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Heres a wedding card made for my cousin, who gets married
later this month, its made using the arty farty bottle template.
Its ment to give the effect of a bottle along with a wedding card and envelope and the two doves are ment to look like they are carrying a scroll with the verse on.

Heres a card from Joanna Sheens " Jayne Netley Mayhew" CD
This cd is great for man of all ages, what man dosent like a big
scary animal lol. This card simply uses the toppers and
backgronds from the CD, a few jump rings and some mirri and
stardream card.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Here are a few bookatrix cards, iv had loads of orders fo this type of new baby and christening cards, people seem to like this style, in all i think iv made 8 so far, all in the same style, id like to do somthing a bit different but people always ask for these, oh well i guess the customer is always right

OK first card to go on the blog, it a stamp
from the range called "Messy Rabbit" from joanna sheen,
I love these stamps, they give a really lovely
Impression, Here is a card using the Xmas set, i
Have used two pieces of startdream card to give
me a bigger card and have used a background from the Messy Rabbit background pad, i have also added some glitter ascents.